Do I need to make an online reservation?

Due to the increased interest in our service, we recommend making a reservation online. Online booking guarantees a parking space and the best price. Of course, you can also arrive without reservation.

How long in advance should I make the reservation?

Due to the high occupancy of the parking lot we recommend making a reservation as soon as possible.

How and where can I book a parking space?

To make a reservation, fill out the reservation form at www.goparking.cz/en. Select your arrival and departure dates in the booking form and enter the time. Fill in your contact information, including your email address, and choose a form of payment. Upon successful completion of the order, you will receive an email confirmation of the order, the so-called PARKING VOUCHER, containing the barcode and PIN code.

I have a promo code. How should I use it?

If you are a client of one our partners (e.g. travel agencies, airlines, etc.), please enter the promo code in the appropriate field in the booking form. Promo codes guarantee the lowest possible price during the main season (June, 1 - September, 30)

How are parking days calculated and what if I exceed the booked period?

Parking is counted in 24-hour cycles, starting with the entrance to the parking lot.

Example: I have a parking voucher for 3 days, I arrived at GO parking on March, 15 at 12:00 noon. For the paid price you can leave the GO parking without surcharge until March, 18 at 11:59 a.m. If you leave the GO parking later than at 11:59 a.m. on March, 18, you will have to pay a surcharge for each commenced day of parking. 24-hour cycles guarantee the lowest price.

Do you also offer covered parking?

Yes. You can use also our covered parking (zone G). Covered parking can be ordered in advance via www.goparking.cz/en, or you can opt for it on the spot, in which case please inform our security staff when entering the parking lot. The surcharge for covered parking is CZK 100 for each 4 commenced days.

Is it possible to recharge an electric car during parking?

Yes. Recharge is free of charge. The charging stations are located opposite the main car park entrance (navigation: GO charge).

I do not know the exact time of my flight yet, what time shall I indicate while making a reservation?

Arrival time is only approximate when making a reservation. The parking voucher allows to enter the parking lot within a time interval of + - 1 day from the specified day and time of expected arrival.

Do I need to print out the parking voucher?

It is not necessary to print the parking voucher. You can use the six-digit PIN code on the parking voucher to enter the parking lot. Enter the PIN on the keyboard at the entrance to the parking lot and confirm with the hash mark (#).

I have a parking voucher from a travel agency and would like to park under the roof, what should I do?

If you want to park under the roof, please inform the security staff when entering the parking lot. The surcharge for covered parking is CZK 100 for each 4 commenced days. At this moment  the covered parking cannot be added to your booking in advance.

I have a parking voucher from a travel agency, should I make a reservation?

No. If you have a parking voucher from a travel agency, do not make another reservation. You will find all the necessary information about the selected parking date on the parking voucher. It is possible to make a change in case of a change of date, more on www.goparking.cz/en/change-cancel

Can I change my arrival date?

If your departure date has shifted by + - 1 day, you do not need to change anything. The parking voucher is ready for this change and the number of days you have ordered starts counting from the actual entrance to the parking lot.

Change of arrival date by more than 1 day (can be shifted up to 365 days from the date of issuance depending on the type of voucher) is possible on our website www.goparking.cz/en/change-cancel/. The change is FREE and can be made repeatedly. The parking voucher can be changed not later than one day before the planned entry.

Can I extend or shorten the parking time after booking?

You cannot extend your parking voucher online. If the parking time is exceeded, it is necessary to pay a surcharge before leaving the parking lot. It can be paid in cash or by card. Prices of surcharges can be found at www.goparking.cz/en/prices/. It is not possible to reduce the parking time for a prepaid voucher.

How can I cancel a reservation that has been already paid for?

Cancellation of a paid reservation is possible at www.goparking.cz/en/change-cancel/. Cancellation is possible no later than one day before the expected arrival. If you have a parking voucher from a travel agency, you must contact them directly.

I have already made a reservation and would like to have my car washed and cleaned during the parking, what should I do?

If you are interested in having your car washed and cleaned during the parking, drive to the GO service area, which is located directly opposite the entrance to the GO parking. After the car is parked, a technician will arrive to take your order. Our minibus will then take you to the airport terminal. The washing and cleaning service is provided nonstop.

I intend to arrive by a large car (SUV, van, caravan), are parking spaces wide enough?

Yes. You will have no problem parking your car with us. The standard parking space width is 2.50 m. If necessary, we will provide a wider parking lot.

What is the maximum height of a vehicle for covered parking?

The maximum height of a vehicle for parking in zone G is 2.5 m.

What time reserve should I have for parking?

Most airlines recommend being at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. We recommend allowing yourself additional 15-20 minutes for parking and airport transfer.

I will arrive with children; do you have child car seats for them?

Yes, we do. Please inform our security staff at the entrance about your request. Please note that there will be a slight delay as minibuses with child seats do not run automatically due to the capacity of the luggage compartment. Our minibuses are automatically equipped with child booster seats. Please note that we have car seats for children from 9 to 36 kg. For the transport of smaller children, it is necessary to use your own child car seats, upon request these can be stored in our office in the parking lot.

How do I get from GO parking to Prague Airport?

After parking in our parking lot, we will pick you up at your parking space within a few minutes, we will help you with your suitcases and drive you to our central stop located directly at the Prague Airport between the arrival hall of Terminal 1 and Courtyard by Marriott hotel.

How does the transfer from the airport work?

Upon arrival, come to the GO parking central stop located between the arrival hall of Terminal 1 and Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Our minibuses are usually ready there. In case there is no GO parking minibus at the boarding point, the information on arrival times is indicated on the LED board. If necessary, call automated dispatching +420 226 256 000.

What should I do if my parking voucher has not been delivered to me?

If you have not received your parking voucher, please contact us at info@goparking.cz. Specify the name used for the reservation, what e-mail was entered for the reservation and what dates were booked.

Do you provide discounts for disabled (ZTP card holders)?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a discount for disabled (ZTP card holders). We have reserved parking spaces for disabled (ZTP card holders).

Can I leave and return with my vehicle during one booking?

Once the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the parking voucher is automatically invalidated. If you want to re-enter the parking lot, a new parking fee has to be paid.

Is it possible to park CNG and LPG vehicles in GO parking?

You can park LPG and CNG vehicles in the outdoor parking lot.

I'm concerned the car battery might be discharged after I return from vacation. Are you prepared for these situations?

Both a booster and jump start cables are available at the parking lot. Any of our drivers will help you if necessary.